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Flycom Avionics Limited

From Microlight to General Aviation

Flycom Avionics is a world renowned manufacturer of passive communication systems for all open cockpit and closed cockpit aircraft.

We provide high quality integrated flying helmets, intercoms and radios for all Microlight, Ultralight,

Autogyro, Paramotor (powered parachute) and General Aviation (GA) Aircraft.

With direct sales to customers in over 50 countries, pilots are continually changing to Flycom.

Why buy Flycom?

Handmade Avionics

Flycom helmets are the superior avionics choice for all open and closed cockpit aircraft pilots. The FH-1V helmet is world renowned for its attractive fully integrated design and its passive communication system. This provides the pilot and his passenger with quiet and clear communication.


About Us - Flycom

Flycom Avionics was founded in 1991 by Dave Gray, a highly experienced engineer and former microlight flying instructor. Dissatisfied with the performance of existing communication systems available at the time, Dave utilised his knowledge of product design and acoustics coupled with the practical experience gained from over 20 years of microlight flying and instruction. The result was the FH-1V flying helmet, a design innovation which remains the original integrated flying helmet.

The Mel Group

Flycom Avionics was taken over by The Mel Group in early 2015

The MEL Group is committed to providing products and services that afford effective safety, in a manner to which the requirements of our customers and the applicable regulatory authorities conform.

Products - Flycom

Flying Helmets And Accessories

Flycom products are all built to order and are hand crafted at The Mel Group Headquarters in the United Kingdom. The skills and knowledge needed to produce the Flycom brand have been passed down from generation to generation to our Flycom team. Flycom is a MEL Group company within its aerospace division and is supported by cutting edge technology and people on a daily basis, looking to always improve all aspects of Flycom products.

Flycom Helmets provide crystal clear communications at all times and are leaders in the market.



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